My Morning Routine

Hi friends… let’s be real here, nailing down a morning routine that works for you and boots your productivity can be hard! I used to feel like I needed to cram 14 different things into my morning routine in order to measure up to all the other #bossbabes out there. Instead, I found what works for me and I wanted to take you through my three-step-morning-routine.

So I first start with the normal stuff– get up, brush teeth, etc. But here’s the deal– I do not look at my phone right when I roll over. In fact, my phone is not by my bedside. I have my phone plugged in across the room so I have to get up to turn it off… NO snoozing here.

#1- Read a Devotional

Once I get up a head read a daily devotional… Right now, I am reading one from Joyce Meyer. I find it so easy to pull it up and I love the practicality and life application of her daily devotionals. You can find it HERE.

#2-Move Your Body

After that, I like to stretch. I’m not much of a morning workout person (unless its summer and I have to fit a run in). But I use my workouts as a break from work during the afternoon. But moving my body in the morning is one of my favorite ways to wake up and get my blood flowing. I encourage you to find what works best for you. Maybe its yoga, or a walk, or perhaps the morning is the only time of day you have to crush a workout.

#3- Fuel Your Body

I like to follow this up with a healthy breakfast and I believe in nourishing and fueling my body so I have the energy to go after my goals. I don’t eat the same thing every morning but some of my go-to’s are eggs and toast or a protein smoothie!

If you are looking for a FREE guide on how you can start your morning off right make sure you click HERE to download.