What really matters?

Recently, I found myself lying in bed, unable to sleep. My thoughts kept wondering to the idea of what really matters in life? I know I might sound like a broken record but I needed this reminder in my life. So, I’m going to also pass this reminder onto you.

Things like our clothes, hair, or the kind of car we drive don’t really matter. It doesn’t matter what kind of cell phone you have. Or even if you have the trendiest shoes.

What matters is the size of our heart, not the size of our house.
Memories we make with friends and family matter. Helping others matter. Being kind matters. Being present matters.

What sparked these thoughts that I had the other night? Well, I was getting ready to take some of my students on an overnight trip to a leadership conference. I had one of my students come up to me an say, “I am so happy, I could cry.”

Now, there is a little back story on this student and we can just say he has had a harder childhood than most. He has never been on a trip or a getaway or a vacation or stayed in a hotel. But his joy and excitement could not be contained. This interaction had me thinking… Wow! What really matters in life? Is it memories or is it things?

So, if you are feeling like you are struggling to keep up with social media or the “Jones'”, focus on what really matters. Focus on your loved ones, on serving them and those around you. Focus on making memories.

Don’t worry about trying to please people that don’t matter to you (aka strangers on the internet). Don’t waste your money buying crap that you don’t really want/need. Don’t waste your time or energy on things that don’t matter.