Why You Need to do the Hard Things!

Hands up if you want to drink kale smoothies and run 5 miles everyday…. like every. single. day. #nodaysoff

Oh wait! Nobody has their hand up!


Because doing things that are good for us sometimes is hard.

Making yourself go for a run when we would rather binge watch Netflix: HARD

Drinking water instead of that 3rd cup of coffee: HARD

Choosing a vegetable as a side instead of fries: REALLY HARD!

Want to know the good news? Doing hard things helps us grow. It helps us develop into the best version of ourselves. The version that is up on our vision board.

Doing these hard things time and time again makes picking the right thing easy. It also builds our confidence and trust in ourselves. If we say we are going to go for a run after work and we actually do it we know that next time we say we are going to work out we will follow through.

I mean, how can we expect other people to trust us and believe what we say, if we can’t even trust us?!

The other day, I made a promise to myself first thing that morning that I was going to workout when I made it home from school. I ended up getting home late and Joe had dinner prepared. So I had dinner with him. Let the food settle for a half an hour and at 7:30 I headed into my room to work out. Did I feel sluggish? Yes. Did I have the best workout? No. But I did finish it and I kept my promise to myself and that is all that matters!

How are you staying true to yourself and your word? How are you choosing the hard things so that you can grow? Trust me, I know it is a challenge. But I also know how great it feels when you step into a better version of yourself.