I’m Running a 10k

You read that right, I'm running a 10k. It's a little less than a month away and I have been training since mid-August. I wanted to do a little training recap and let you in on the 4 lessons I have learned so far. #1 There are good days and there are not so good [...]

4 Reasons to Hire a Life Coach!

There are many situations in which you might consider hiring a life coach. I'm going to outline 4 common scenarios in which you might want to seek the service of a life coach. But before I dive into some of the situations in which a life coach might be helpful, I want to talk about [...]

My Morning Routine

Hi friends... let's be real here, nailing down a morning routine that works for you and boots your productivity can be hard! I used to feel like I needed to cram 14 different things into my morning routine in order to measure up to all the other #bossbabes out there. Instead, I found what works [...]